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PACWEST Basketball All-Stars 2016-2017

PACWEST Basketball All-Stars 2016-2017

The PACWEST is proud to announce the 2016-2017 basketball Players, Rookies and Coaches of the Year along with All-Stars and members of the All-Rookie Teams.

The winners are:

Men’s Player of the Year - Usama Zaid - VIU Mariners
Men’s Rookie of the Year - Wayne Untalan - Capilano Blues
Men’s Coach of the Year - Paul Eberhardt - Langara Falcons

Women’s Player of the Year - Carmelle M'Bikata - Capilano Blues
Women’s Rookie of the Year - Mia Roberts - Camosun Chargers
Women’s Coach of the Year - Ramin Sadaghiani- Capilano Blues

Men's 1st Team All-Stars

Greet Gill - Capilano Blues
Grant Campbell - Douglas College Royals
Ravi Basra - Langara Falcons
Dallas Searles - Quest Kermodes
Usama Zaid - VIU Mariners

Women's 1st Team All-Stars

Kathryn Candell - Camosun Chargers
Carmelle M’Bikata - Capilano Blues
Rachel Beauchamp - Dougals College Royals
Jordin Wilkinson - Quest Kermodes
Sienna Pollard - VIU Mariners

Men's 2nd Team All-Stars

Drake Downer - Langara Falcons
Malcolm Mensah - Douglas college Royals
Noah DeRappard-Yuswack - Quest Kermodes
Jalen Schlegel - VIU Mariners
Bryson Cox - VIU Mariners

Women's 2nd Team All-Stars

Ashley De La Cruz Yip - Capilano Blues
Sherrie Errico - Capilano Blues
Sarah Jorgenson    - Douglas College Royals
Mandy Van Delden - CBC Bearcats
Ellen Fallis - Douglas College Royals

Men’s All-Rookie Team

Wayne Untalan - Capilano Blues
Jesse Stewart - CBC Bearcats
Lambert Pajayon - Douglas College Royals
Royce Sargeant - Langara Falcons
Jonavan Grant - Quest Kermodes

Women’s All-Rookie Team

Mia Roberts - Camosun Chargers
Makayla Starman - CBC Bearcats
Nicola Erricson - Langara Falcons
Trisha Francia -  Langara Falcons
Olivia Mjaaland - Quest Kermodes